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Hempotism is our name

More importantly, Hempotism is what we believe in. It describes our approach, philosophy and the way we work. It’s also what makes us stand out from the crowd. We explain it through the 4Cs.



Our plants are your benefit and our everything

The fast-growing and ever-developing world of commercial cannabis, demands the utmost professionalism. That’s something we believe begins with product excellence and continues with playing an active role in the evolution of our industry as a whole.

Two farms thrive in the low-lying, fertile plains of the Segura Valley in Spain’s famed horticultural province, the Region of Murcia. With an average daily temperature of almost 18.6C throughout the year and average highs of 24.8C, as well as natural on-site water sources for irrigation, we have some of the finest growth conditions in Europe.

The solidity and trust created by the standard of our product, enables us to grow more than our plants, creating the platform from which we can lead the conversation to educate, build and strengthen opinion in the field.

  • 30 DAYS A YEAR
  • 297 MM A YEAR
  • 6.5 pH



We’re dedicated to increasing consumer understanding and appreciation of the benefits of cannibidiols through fact, not fiction.

It’s why we created Hempotism in the first place, born out of the personal knowledge of our two founders. They have both experienced first-hand, the impact on life and wellbeing the right product can make – Lewis through personal illness and Lee through helping others in his role as an elite performance coach.

The history of cannabis in the consumer world can mean we are misunderstood as an industry. Through active representation and a consumer product line, currently in development, it’s something Hempotism has been created to help tackle.



We believe it’s those that care, that last.

The quality of our soil bears testament to that. The farmers that worked our land before us, did so with a level of care we remind ourselves to put into everything we do. That’s why we kept a local team on-site and why our soil and our business, continues to benefit from their passion and unrivalled knowledge.



We’re committed to delivering excellence in product and service for customers and partners alike.

We’ve developed and are continuing to grow the relationships we need across Europe with a view to becoming an entirely vertically integrated operation. We currently hold an industrial license in Spain for the growth of product and the sale of raw flower.




Co-founder and Growth and Production

At the age of 24, Lewis was diagnosed with a brain tumor and, on the advice of others started looking into cannabis as a form of treatment to alleviate some of his symptoms. Taking to experts on his visits to the hospital, he began to learn more and began growing upon his recovery.

Over the last 9 years, Lewis has spent his time experimenting with the growth and genetics of many different strains, with the aim of improving CBD potency and purity.

Now, in Spain, Lewis has succeeded in developing a truly special product, that stands out from the majority of standard crops. His passion and meticulous understanding, ensures the very best quality for customers from seed to sale.


Co-founder and Business Development

Lee is an elite performance coach and founding partner of award-winning fitness portal Getfitter. Lee’s select client list is comprised of actors, athletes, Sirs, politicians, CEOs of multinational companies and special populations. During Lee’s time working closely with Parkinson’s sufferers he discovered the incredible physiological benefits of CBD. Lee actively champions the use of CBD as a part of a healthy lifestyle and preventative plant based medicine.
Lee and Co-founder Lewis Hall created Hempotism with the clear focus of sustaining health for generations to come.


Business Advisor

Sean has experience as an investor for family offices in multiple sectors within the cannabis industry across North American, European and South African markets. As the co-founder of DrinkThreeDots, a cannabis drinks company, Sean also has direct experience of bringing a global cannabis brand to market.




Finance & Law Consultant

Enrique has more than 20 years experience advising Spanish business. An expert in Spanish law, he’s advised countless start-ups and successfully built his own, Criadero de Caracoles (Hélix Aspersa), connecting more than 50 Spanish multinationals in the farming of snails for the cosmetics industry.


Agrology Consultant

Elena is an expert in Spanish soil, topography and hemp itself, with an enviably scientific approach to agricultural excellence She’s an approved appraiser for the Bank of Spain and has been instrumental in 20,000 solar orchards and 150+ reports in the Cartagena-Vera region.


Nutrition Consultant

For the last 18 years, Mark has been at the forefront of nutrition in the horticultural and hydroponic industries. His deep understanding of plant science, genetics, propagation, cloning and harvesting has been instrumental in the development of the current Hempotism crop.

Together with their team and partners, they exist to make a more positive impact on the industry.



At Hempotism, we believe powerful partnerships can provide a significant edge in our industry. The right partners can combine strengths to make a more fluid and impactful presence in the market, benefiting us all.

It’s why we’re open to discussions with potential partners who might be able to take advantage of what we have to offer - our licence and prime real estate for the growth of hemp.

You can operate under our Spanish licence to grow the kind of hemp you need for your business and we’ll provide the soil-rich land and any farming expertise you might need.

Simply get in touch with our Founder for Growth and Production, Lewis Hall on 07930 337757 or lewis@hempotisminternational.com and we’ll discuss a partnership th at works..



For general enquiries:

Lee Donaghy


07516 892392



For wholesale raw flower, CBD oil, seed or clone sales:

Lewis Hall


07930 337757